Simeone: Lucas' departure has hurt us the most. I refuse to compare Felix to Griezmann

أكتوبر 11, 2019

Simeone: Lucas' departure has hurt us the most. I refuse to compare Felix to Griezmann

Atletico capital of Spain coach Diego Simeone confirmed that the departure of European film producer Hernandez was the foremost plagued by the team, whereas refusing to match Portuguese player Joao Felix with French Antoine Griezmann, United Nations agency captive to urban center within the last summer Mercato.

In AN interview with El Larguero on Cadena Ser, Simeone talked concerning his vogue, Felix's merger with the Rojeblancos and therefore the restructuring of the team following the departure of many players within the recent summer transfer market and therefore the introduction of latest ones.

Regarding the dramatic changes that have taken place before the beginning of the season, South American country coach admitted that "what hurt U.S.A. the foremost was the departure of film producer as a result of he was from U.S.A., from the junior team like Cookie (Resurrection) and Saul Negez."

"When we tend to created renovations, we tend to knew this is able to happen and that we restrained things. The criticism are harsher as a result of we've been here for eight years (since he took charge of the team) and there area unit people who feel uncomfortable. .

He rejected the comparison between Griezmann and Felix, United Nations agency joined Atletico within the summer Mercato during a deal that was the foremost pricey within the history of the capital of Spain club by a hundred and twenty million euros, warning, "Can you bring a 19-year-old to exchange another twenty eight approached to win the Golden Ball and so take all the responsibility ? ".

"Griezmann's compensation is tough. everybody sees Joao as a second striker, however i believe he desires 2 strikers before of him to urge a much bigger read, not simply enjoying in tiny areas ."

Describing him as a defensive coach, Simeone stressed: "This doesn't trouble ME. In soccer there's nobody right. My goal is to possess a competitive team that's perpetually nearer to winning than losing and that we have achieved it." To walk. "

"What is that the talent? i would like players United Nations agency shrewdness to play during a team. What area unit the foremost smart players however people who area unit smart at a number of," he asked.

"We started with a 120-million-euro (Felix) player however not Eden Hazard (the 30-year-old Real capital of Spain player). we've to travel one step at a time."

"My goal is to make a competitive team. i do not care concerning winning or losing," Simeone same

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