Neymar breaks his silence about his desire to leave PSG

أكتوبر 09, 2019
Neymar breaks his silence about his desire to leave PSG

Neymar breaks his silence about his desire to leave PSG

Sport website 360 received a Brazilian star Neymar in honor by the Brazilian soccer Federation on weekday on the eve of the meeting , that Brazil can play against African nation, which is able to be the match shirt % for Brazil .

And concerning reaching this range with Brazil: “In a hundred games, there area unit several disappointments, defeats, several mistakes. however by fighting you'll be able to overcome your mistakes. i am terribly happy to succeed in this range. Even within the better of my dreams, I ne'er fanciful that figure. ”

His role within the national team: “I are within the national team for ten years. i used to be continuously one in every of the foremost necessary names and everything was on my shoulders. I ne'er complained concerning it. I continuously contend my half within the national team. once the player reaches this level, it's traditional to possess pressure. ”

Problem with injuries: “I are disabled for over 3 months within the last 2 years. This hinders any player. however if you analyze all the matches and numbers, you will see that I've ne'er stopped taking part in soccer. sadly, this will happen within the lifetime of a jock, therefore the player should be mentally and psychologically sturdy and prepared to alter true.I forestall to the present season being sensible, and that i do not expect something unhealthy to happen, and by the top of the season i am positive i might be among the most effective. ”

Happy with Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain: “I am proud of the national team and that i am conjointly proud of the club. everybody is aware of what happened within the summer transfer market and my want to depart. these days I feel happy and comfy at the club too. i am not simply happy within the national team. The season has started alright on behalf of me. i will be able to provide 100 % in order that we are able to deliver the goods nice things

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