Messi: I thought about leaving Barcelona

أكتوبر 09, 2019
Messi: I thought about leaving Barcelona

Messi: I thought about leaving Barcelona

Barcelona star Lionel Messi unconcealed that he had thought-about feat the Catalan club earlier.

Messi same throughout associate degree interview with "Radio Catalonia": "I had a troublesome time in 2012, 2013 and 2014 thanks to the tax crisis .. it had been troublesome on behalf of me and my family, as individuals didn't extremely understand what was happening to Pine Tree State and what was same, and therefore the press vie Role during this. "

He continued: "I assume i used to be the primary to be investigated by taxes, and that is why the case was terribly troublesome, so interrogated others, and that they were told: (either you pay or can happen to you what happened to Messi)." He continued: "My kids were young at the time, thus i believed concerning feat quite candidly .. it's not as a result of I wished to depart urban center,   but left the total of Spain, as a result of I felt abuse and didn't wish to continue here.

"There were such a lot of doors hospitable Pine Tree State at the time, however there was nothing official, as a result of everybody knew that my need was to remain here."
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