Lessons learned from the port rousing against port

أكتوبر 06, 2019
Lessons learned from the port rousing against port

Lessons learned from the port rousing against port

The match between port and urban center finished with the success of the host port (4-0), within the eighth spherical of the Spanish league, that was command between them at Camp Nou in port.

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The results of the sport is extremely abundant underlined and also the progress of its events, though there area unit moments removed from the Catalan grip, the geographic region hand was nearly the longest within the game, however allow us to highlight the foremost necessary options and lessons learned from the sport ..

1- The curse of the suffering of the beginnings continues: It appears that within the current amount there's a syndrome hooked up to the Catalan team, that is that the entry of games and is way from the highest of its focus, wherever it's outside the mental and creative readiness, one thing that has been perennial repeatedly since the start of this season, a shortage and a significant downside is impossible to exist within a large team, this delay in getting into the atmosphere of the sport nearly price the team these days to receive many goals within the half hour, while not the Pine Tree Statercy of fate would have targeted me a minimum of 2 goals, however the rousing occurred, and folded and fell swimmingly, as if the gear of the grading machine suddenly disintegrated his knot, Then it had been perennial at the start of the half J, and receives nearly no sympathy for a goal-based!

2 - Did Valverde reach the magic combination of the team? What Valverde has been doing with the Blaugrana since usurping as coach has been puzzling for all lovers and followers, however he has continuously had a "secret mix" of results and technical cohesion, whereas on the contrary this season, the team has entered into swirls of volatility and volatility within the results, and it appears that these days He place his hand back on the right squad for the team, particularly within the middle and attack, whereas the defense line is broken by absence, and also the lack of technical performance of its members lamentably.

3 - the deadly gap within the heart of Barça: Despite the standard of the middle, there's a negative, the absence of a powerful defender midfielder, WHO will sever the ball powerfully, and incorporates a high physical talents change him to run and run ceaselessly throughout the sport, to fill the gap within the space of   maneuvers author and First State Jong's couple area unit a lot of aggressive than defensive character and duties, because the heat map shows for his or her movements throughout the sport, a tangle for the team as there's no economical substitute for veteran Boskovic, and also the latter's technical and physical returns have born dramatically recently. , that is probably going to look case Facing major groups that attack, particularly outside the bases.

4. once can Valverde intervene to develop Dembele's payoff? once a young and proficient player is seemingly overpoweringly proficient for the way and wide, the coach is hoping to extract from the proficient kid his best, and provides him experiences and recommendation to assist him develop his performance, however within the third season of Dembele with port diode by Valverde, we tend to still see random creative spikes For the French player, as if out of management, as if he doesn't realize him to guide him and become the daddy of creative spirit, one among the worst drawbacks Valverde that coach-like worker, with none touches of artistic or biological process, whether or not on the collective or individual players.

5 - Messi continues to be scattering his charming fragrance: a bottle of raw perfume that's alone within the world, and there's only 1 of them, its place in Camp Nou, a bottle strutting and dispersing the redolent fragrance within the stadiums and delight legion the globe, he's Messi, magician spherical witch, has He came to induce up his team from his unsteady, he came Leftek rivals, came to get pleasure from the fans of world soccer touches exciting .. Alio came at a crucial time for Bersa, and before Classico land.

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