6 useful things you should know and try on YouTube

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YouTube is a real and important source of information

  Useful, entertaining and entertaining.

  There you can find all kinds of video you are looking for. Every day you get lost

This platform has thousands of videos of all languages

And from all fields. So I present to you in this article some

  Useful tools and uses in this site to be familiar with them.
6 أشياء مفيدة يجب أن تعرفها وتجربها في يوتيوب

تعطيل الملاحظات والإعلانات

Sometimes when you play a video on YouTube

 You'll see many small pop-up ads in it that invite you

Through which the video owner to visit his site, or visit the clip

Another video has ... etc. In fact this is very annoying to

So that you are unable to watch the video. Some users

 Unfortunately they exploit this feature very badly. But fortunately YouTube

 Allows you to disable this feature in all videos posted on this platform.

To disable this feature click on the image in the upper right corner of YouTube and then on the menu click on youtube settings. On the settings page, select the "Playback" section and uncheck "Show annotations, channel promotions and interactive cards on videos. "You can also directly access these settings through this link.

Cache all video

The default video player in YouTube stores about thirty seconds of video, and then stops the download, especially when the slow connection, and this may lead to your inability to view the entire video without interruption. You can now use this extension

Download the plugin for Google Chrome

Download the plugin for Firefox

Slow display

On YouTube you can find lessons on almost any subject you're looking for from nuclear physics to math and other sciences. And many of these clips you can m

I saw it slow, so do not miss the details. There is also the reverse option, when you need to view the video at an accelerated rate. All this you can try by clicking the settings icon in the video clip and choosing the display speed.

Automatically disable video playback
By default, when you open any video link on YouTube it immediately starts playing. However, it's not always convenient, especially if you open multiple pages on your browser and want to watch your video later. So to disable this feature, you will need to install a special add-on for your browser.

Download the plugin for Google Chrome

Download the plugin for Firefox

Download the translation

Some videos on YouTube are really very useful and carry important information, especially if it comes to a scientific video. But as we know most of this type of clips are published in English and sometimes accompanied by the translation in the same language or in another language. You can now use this service to download this translation and use it to re-translate it into your language. You can also use google2srt for the same purpose.

Automatic return

There are a lot of times when you want to repeat unlimited video on YouTube as we know this feature is not provided by YouTube officially, and many of us have to use some plugins to do so. But if you do not like installing a lot of plugins on your browser, you can use listenonrepeat.com to do this. You can also make the word "youtube" on the video link with "listenonrepeat" to be taken directly to the site.


Facebook is preparing to release the version & quot; Professional & quot; From its location

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فايسبوك تستعد لإطلاق نسخة " مهنية " من موقعها !

Facebook seems to want to spread

 To the fullest extent, at a time when it was considered a means

For the sake of communication and entertainment only, the site officials are greedy

In becoming a professional means as well, where sources refer to

 The site worked on a "professional" version under the name Facebook at Work.

There is no doubt that access to your account on the social networking site

 While you are at work you may be exposed to many problems and reprimands

By your bosses at work, but Facebook wants to overcome this problem

 Launching a "professional" version of its social networking site, Facebook at Work.

According to the Financial Times

Facebook wants to make its new version

 Facebook at Work is similar to LinkedIn sites

 Or Viadeo, and according to the newspaper, this version will be

Similar to the regular version and will come with a main news page and email

 It can also integrate popular services such as Office Online

From Microsoft and Google Drive from Google.

Although Facebook refused to comment on the order, some

Sources have indicated that they have already started testing on this version

 Within some companies in the horizon of its official launch in the near future.

Announce the price and launch date of Samsung Gear VR

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After a long period of waiting finally became a virtual reality helmet of

Samsung Samsung Gear VR is a price and launch date officially in the market

As reported by specialized media.

Virtual reality technology is known to be one of the best

 The most promising technologies in the digital world, as well as Samsung

 We always return to invest in promising technological fields

What was to miss this opportunity, is what made it invest in this area to offer us Samsung Gear VR.

And was developed by the South Korean company Samsung

Virtual Reality Helmet Samsung Gear VR

 With Oculus VR's social networking site

 Facebook, and will use this helmet for virtual reality phone

 Galaxy Note 4 as a display in addition to a large number of features.

According to the site "Polygon" American helmet Samsung

Samsung Gear VR will be available at

 Two copies, the first in the range of 199 dollars, the second will be priced

 $ 249.99, will be available in the market beginning December.
Scientists devise battery charging in just 12 minutes (video

Scientists devise battery charging in just 12 minutes (video

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Scientists Invent Battery Charged in Just 12 Minutes (Video)

The problem of energy is still preoccupied by many specialists, especially with the limited and non-functioning of the current mechanisms, which prompted American scientists to create a battery charger in 12 minutes only and will contribute to reducing the size of power equipment.

Scientists at the University of Maryland have moved to create a new battery that, in addition to conventional components, contains nanometer pores smaller than the diameter of the head hair 80,000 times. These nanotubes act as independent batteries inside the main battery.

The researchers said the new battery could be shipped in just 12 minutes, which would revolutionize the energy world.

A new update from Watts August in order to hide the read time of the message

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تحديث جديد من واتس آب من أجل إخفاء وقت قراءة الرسالة

The new update from WattsUp, which lets users know whether or not the message was read by the addressee as well as the time to read it accurately, has not been popular for many users, prompting Watts to launch a new update. .

Facebook's Watts AG had earlier released a two-tag update in blue, meaning that the message had already been read by the addressee, as well as showing the timing of the message reading. However, this update was not satisfied with a large number of users, prompting The application to launch a new update allows to remove this property.

The new update is only available to Android users and is available on the official website of the application and allows to disable the tag feature in blue via privacy settings

Skype launches a Skype for web version to access the service directly from the site

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سكايب تطلق نسخة Skype for web للولوج للخدمة مباشرة من الموقع
Skype has released a new version of its Skype for web instant messaging service to enable users to access the service directly on the web, through the company's official website.

Microsoft is constantly trying to bring its own instant messaging program closer to users by making periodic updates to be close to them. This is reflected in Skype's launch of a new version of its Skype for web program that will enable users to access the program directly through the company's official website And without loading any application.

Skype for web is currently in beta only on Skype.com, as only a few users can try it after entering their Skype account data. According to Microsoft, the final version will be available in the next few months.

The importance of the Web version of Skype is that it will allow more streamlined use of the IM program, without forcing the user to download or install any software applications.

Best Android apps for the week [5]

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Welcome to Android and Android fans in the fifth issue of the weekly series "Best Android Apps of the Week", where we highlight the best applications we suggest to you followers of the professional blog every Friday of each week.

This application uses the sound buttons in your phone to perform several different functions other than lifting and lowering the sound. Among the things you can do with the application are: taking a picture or video, activating a flashlight, Call, run any of your apps, and many other things that I invite you to discover and try on your own.

Mobile devices are always vulnerable to theft and theft, so this app will act as your controller and spy on your smartphone, it protects your phone from theft and can issue a beep when someone tries to take your phone, not only that, but can take pictures of this thief or spam And send the files and location of the phone to your e-mail immediately.

We are seeing a host of new floating bubble applications such as "facebook messenger" to help you with your tasks. Copy Bubble is an application designed in the same way that allows you to access the items you have recently copied. So you can reuse them, or delete the copied content in a simple and fast way.

This application allows you to automate tasks, which means that your smartphone can do some of what you do automatically without your intervention. Activate Wi-Fi if you are indoors, increase screen brightness when you activate a photo gallery, or mute the device at certain intervals. The only drawbacks of this application is that it only supports Android 4.0 or higher and is not free (but you can find it online for free).

Using this application you can control the music using your hand only without touching the phone. The application takes advantage of the front camera to direct a series of commands to your phone via your hand movements, where you can pause or resume playing music, move to the next song or so on. Beautiful in the application it supports a lot of music broadcasting services.

Previous issue: Best Android Apps for the Week [4]

Microsoft acquires Aorato to secure its cloud storage service

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مايكروسوفت تستحوذ على Aorato لتأمين خدمتها للتخزين السحابي

Microsoft has announced that it has acquired Aorato, a provider of information security solutions, with the acquisition of its cloud storage infrastructure.

Microsoft intends to secure its cloud storage services, especially with hackers' hacking mechanisms, hacking, fraud and data loss, making IT security an indispensable alternative in the digital world and in cloud storage. Aorato.

Sources point out that the acquisition may have exceeded $ 200 million. Microsoft wants to take advantage of Aorato technology, which has developed a sophisticated algorithm capable of monitoring any suspicious activity on the company's networks, which will help secure better Microsoft cloud storage and server servers .

Amazon Drones Fact or Fiction?

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After Jeff Bezos unveiled at the end of the year the Amazon smartphone project, which will be a historic achievement for this company, and some may consider it nonsense or an almost impossible project to imagine more than its proximity to the reality, the delivery of parcels by small unmanned pilotless aircraft (drones) named Octocopters, Jeff said that the parcel will arrive to your home only 30 minutes thanks to these aircraft! Jeff also stated that this service will be available in 4-5 years in many countries. This service is called Prime Air.Amazon Drones حقيقة أم خيال؟

So far, the US Naval Administration has not approved or rejected the project entirely, although Amazon has provided them with many of the techniques used in these aircraft, which will ensure the safety of citizens and the safety of installations. In addition, Amazon will build small airports for these aircraft away from US airports to ensure that Serious problems occur in the airlines.

 Now Amazon has begun testing its aircraft in the UK and wants to hire two pilots to remotely control the aircraft and make up a new team in Cambridge, which could be the first city where Amazon will offer this service, which shows us that this project will come true in about a year or two. To note that these aircraft will only be able to carry light things not weighing more than several kilograms because of the small size and therefore their engines will not be able to carry heavy things, but it will certainly positively affect the delivery of packages locally and globally.

 Amazon is proving to be the leader in e-marketing and parcel delivery after its unique performance globally, but will Amazon be the only company that will use the aircraft to deliver the packages, without a competitor? Absolutely not, Google exists, the usual rival that it is impossible to leave such a project without inventing a similar project is matched by force. Indeed, Google is also testing its aircraft in Australia, which can be operated in conjunction with the Amazon aircraft, and we will certainly see a conflict between these two companies in terms of speed of delivery or available areas or ... etc.

 Unfortunately, I do not think that this service will be available in our Arab countries. If it is available, it will need a long period of time, and it will be limited to some countries. We will only follow the news and developments of this project in foreign countries.
الكاتب: فراس

Hackers News for the Week [48]

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amine raghibأمين رغيب

This bulletin opens with the news of another serious loophole this week in EOS, from 7.1.1 to 8.1.1 Beta. The loophole in making users carry a phishing application from the Internet converts all the legitimate applications that a user uses on his iPhone, such as Facebook Gmail ... into malware! .

 Masque Attack This week's details were published on FireEye's blog, which includes an explanatory video that can be accessed from the links attached to this bulletin in the description and protection. The users of iPhone 7.1.1 and 8.1.1 Beta will stop downloading applications from text messages As well as e-mail, as well as the emergence of applications only from known stores.

 This is the fourth loophole that has been published for four weeks. This raises the question of whether we are still in front of a secure operating system, as we have always imagined, or that the IOS will follow the path of the android.

 The Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a campaign against illegal sites called Operation Onymous. The campaign, which targeted several sites that sell illegal weapons, drugs and the hiring of murderers to commit criminal acts, resulted in the arrest of 400 sites and the arrest of 17 people, the seizure of $ 1 million from Petequin and 180,000 euros in cash as well as quantities of drugs and gold, Silver .

 The campaign also led to the arrest of founder of the largest dark online drug sale site Silk Road 2.0. Blake Benthall, founder of Blake Benthall, 26, was earning $ 8 million in sales every month, attracting more than 150,000 sellers and consumers.

 The sites that have been blocked are all accessed through the Internet portal. Which is a shock to some, especially since everyone knows that the dark Internet Darknet is very difficult to connect you to the identity of the individuals who use it as the identity is largely unknown! For the federal police to prove again that no one is far from their eyes.

 A new report by Cyveillance shows that hackers are more dependent on hacking government websites to publish counterfeit pages, as these trusted sites make hackers grab the largest number of accounts. The absence of monitoring of this site makes the fake pages not deleted until long after they are lifted. The report also revealed that the most affected countries are Brazil and China. Where the use of its hosting in a large way in the cultivation of counterfeit pages and stealing accounts.

 The International Hackers Group (Anonymus) announced its readiness to launch a massive electronic attack against Zionist sites on Friday (November 14th), a victory for the Palestinian people against the recent attacks on them. The attack will also target mainly Zionist electronic interests.

Samsung and BlackBerry unite to enhance security in Android

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سامسونغ و بلاكبيري تتوحدان من أجل تعزيز الأمن في أندرويد

Samsung and Samsung have signed an agreement aimed at strengthening the links between them in order to enhance information security standards on Samsung devices running the Google Android system.

There is no doubt that information security is one of the most important areas in the digital world and the big companies operating in it, especially with the high frequency of cyber attacks and breakthroughs and gaps detected, and the Android system is one of the most portable systems exposed to attacks or viruses.

In this regard, the South Korean company (Samsung) and the Canadian company (Blackberry) announced during a special seminar on the signing of a new agreement to be launched early next year 2015 and will be intended to benefit the application of the (Knox) Black Berry.

For Samsung, it is a new security tool that makes it possible to differentiate between private life data and the user's personal life data. The Korean company also wants to benefit from BlackBerry's reputation for information security.

Useful sites, programs and tools [26]

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This is in addition to some of the backgrounds and additions that I invite you to know in the next few lines.
مواقع ، برامج وأدوات مفيدة [26]

There is no doubt that there are many sites to learn the different programming languages and everything that goes on in their orbit, and the few of these sites that provide you with practical lessons or sources can be modified and learning through, but with the site tutorialpoint can now find different sources, including lessons applied In everything related to programming.
If you want to print and hang a photo in your office or in one of your home rooms, this site will show you how this picture will look on the wall of your room before you print it.
There are a lot of foreign torrent sites that we all know, but in the Arab world they are very few to none, but Arabictorrent is an Arabic torrent site that allows you to download the latest movies with Arabic translation and with very high quality.
This is a very nice and useful site for designers. You can choose the font you want to use in your design and the site will suggest additional lines that match your chosen line. In short, your design makes it more consistent in terms of fonts used in it.
Another useful Arabic site for anyone who wants to know the distance between cities and even countries, also provides you with information about the city and country, in addition to the distance in kilometers and the estimated travel time.
A very strange site where you can find out the name of the owner of a phone number or an inverter. After entering the site you enter the caller number and the site will display the number and the name of the owner and the state. The site seems to be still new on the web and I suspect it uses the contact information we use in other sites.
As Black Friday approaches, "Today we notice many discounts on most commodities that can reach 90% sometimes. This is an irreplaceable opportunity. I did not want to buy anything, so I suggest you this beautiful addition that you are looking for. You will automatically receive discount coupons when you buy from electronic stores, can be used on this day to grab some offers :)
This is a very useful and useful addition to the Firefox browser to display the short links you encounter while browsing Facebook or any other site - in its original state without fear of opening an unwanted site. The extension displays the complete link which helps to know the nature of the site you want to access.
After the long use of the computer you will notice that the hard disk space is no longer the same, and all because of the loads and data generated many directly or indirectly in the computer, but some files are duplicate so to bypass this command suggest this program that scans your computer Search for and delete duplicate files.
Despite the strength and stability of Linux, this does not mean that it does not suffer from problems or problems that may be from the system itself, not just from the user. So this program or rather the system I suggest in this number is one of the most powerful programs or systems specialized in repairing problems and failures Linux system that you can encounter. The program also comes with a set of tools and a lot of important additions.
أجمل الخلفيات لهذا الأسبوع :

Previous issue: Useful sites, programs and tools [25]

Facebook tracking the impact of users outside its site provide targeted advertising

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فايسبوك تتبع أثر المستخدمين خارج موقعها لتقديم إعلانات موجهة

Facebook seems to be betting that its site is not only a social networking site but also a huge advertising platform with targeted ads that rely on tracking users outside of Facebook to capture a general picture of their interests and provide them with appropriate ads.

Ads are considered one of the most important revenue sites in general and social networking sites, especially, especially Facebook on the world, and it is clear that Facebook wants to make the most of this feature by directing ads according to user interests

Facebook was announced in June and in the United States of America only on this new feature, which depends on tracking the user off-site to know the operations of the purchase of the Internet or the quality of sites that visit and interests in general in order to direct appropriate ads to him, But Facebook is trying to generalize this new policy, especially in European countries, which is what it actually intends to do from the coming period.

Facebook has been accused of violating user privacy because of this new policy, but site officials have pointed out that it is a mechanism to direct ads better to users according to their needs and does not involve any spying or intrusion of the fact that the information remains confidential and not seen.

Facebook also announced the launch of a special page under the name of "Privacy Basics", available in 36 different languages, in the form of a guide to identify users how to control their personal information on its social networking site.

Microsoft Reveals Movie Creator Application on Mobile Devices

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مايكروسوفت تكشف عن تطبيق Movie Creator على الأجهزة المحمولة

Microsoft today officially unveiled its new Movie Creator, a mobile video product for both smartphones and tablets, and will give users a new experience.

The new application "Movie Creator" is designed to produce and synthesize videos on smartphones and tablet PCs running Windows systems, the application can easily modify and share content.

In the Movie Creator application, Mikersoft has focused on ease of use where it is only necessary to bring video files or images created by the user on Windows Phone or Windows Tablet PCs, as well as certain texts or music as well as known production processes.

After the modifications, the user will publish and share the video with friends. The new Movie Creator application will be able to work on 25 videos at the same time. The new application will be available free of charge and in a trial version, but will be dedicated only to Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8.1, Tablet PCs with the same system.

The Professional Blog suggests that you try the new application via the following link: Movie Creator

Anonymus is launching an online attack against the Zionist sites in support of Palestine

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أنونيموس تشن غدا هجوما إلكترونية ضد المواقع الصهوينية نصرة لفلسطين
The International Hackers Group (Anonymus) announced its readiness to launch a massive electronic attack against Zionist sites on Friday (November 14th), a victory for the Palestinian people against the recent attacks against them.

Hackers group Anonymus intends to launch massive electronic attacks starting Friday, and is expected to target these attacks mainly the sites of the Zionist government in addition to sites belonging to the Zionist occupation army.

This is not considered the first attack launched by the group Anonymus on the sites and electronic interests of Zionism in support of the Palestinian cause has already carried out a similar attack during the recent Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip in addition to the infiltration and leaking of sensitive banking information in the month of April.

Microsoft fixes a security flaw in Windows systems 19 years ago

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مايكروسوفت تصلح ثغرة أمنية موجودة في أنظمة ويندوز منذ 19 سنة
This week, exactly on November 11, Microsoft intةroduced Patch Tuesday to fix some of the security vulnerabilities in the company's products, including a serious security vulnerability that is a software flaw in Windows systems that has existed for 19 years.


On Tuesday, November, Microsoftة released the Patch Tuesday, which included a number of vulnerabilities, including 16 security updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office. 5 Serious charges for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 plus RT.


According to experts, one of the gaps that have been fixed is a very serious flaw. This is a bug in Windows systems that have not been discovered for 19 years, since Windows 95 and so far. The hacker was able to control the user's computer remotely. After visiting a site that publishes malicious software.


A team of IBM experts discovered this vulnerability and wةarned Microsoft of similar loopholes that may exist and are not detected in Windows systems.

& quot; Fever & quot; 4G is sweeping telecoms companies and Eno is starting its tests

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" حمى " 4G تجتاح شركات الاتصالات و إنوي تبدأ اختباراتها

It seems that the struggle between the operators in the field of obtaining a license to operate the fourth generation 4G network is the strongest. After the start of Morocco's contacts in the technical tests for 4G and the announcement of the ANRT for the opening of a request for a license to operate the fourth generation network Inui began to do its tests On this technique.

The National Agency for the Regulation of Transport (ANRT), the regulator of the sector in Morocco, has decided to open applications for licenses to operate the 4G network and to market high-speed mobile Internet services in the Kingdom of Morocco on Monday 17 November. The three companies active in this sector (Etisalat Morocco, Meditel and Enoui) have the license.

As Morocco Telecom recently began testing the 4G network in some areas of the capital, Rabat, with its expansion in the rest of the region, Inui Telecom began its technical experiments on 11 November.

According to the agency, the general manager of the company Frédéric Debord confirmed that the company is interested in the request for tenders announced by the agency (ANRT) and explained the Director General that obtaining a license to exploit the 4G network depends on several criteria, including the price and the effectiveness of sharing Infrastructure, and also indicated that the company will develop quality of service supported by a network of fiber optics.