Announce the price and launch date of Samsung Gear VR

نوفمبر 17, 2018

After a long period of waiting finally became a virtual reality helmet of

Samsung Samsung Gear VR is a price and launch date officially in the market

As reported by specialized media.

Virtual reality technology is known to be one of the best

 The most promising technologies in the digital world, as well as Samsung

 We always return to invest in promising technological fields

What was to miss this opportunity, is what made it invest in this area to offer us Samsung Gear VR.

And was developed by the South Korean company Samsung

Virtual Reality Helmet Samsung Gear VR

 With Oculus VR's social networking site

 Facebook, and will use this helmet for virtual reality phone

 Galaxy Note 4 as a display in addition to a large number of features.

According to the site "Polygon" American helmet Samsung

Samsung Gear VR will be available at

 Two copies, the first in the range of 199 dollars, the second will be priced

 $ 249.99, will be available in the market beginning December.

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