Amazon Drones Fact or Fiction?

نوفمبر 14, 2018
After Jeff Bezos unveiled at the end of the year the Amazon smartphone project, which will be a historic achievement for this company, and some may consider it nonsense or an almost impossible project to imagine more than its proximity to the reality, the delivery of parcels by small unmanned pilotless aircraft (drones) named Octocopters, Jeff said that the parcel will arrive to your home only 30 minutes thanks to these aircraft! Jeff also stated that this service will be available in 4-5 years in many countries. This service is called Prime Air.Amazon Drones حقيقة أم خيال؟

So far, the US Naval Administration has not approved or rejected the project entirely, although Amazon has provided them with many of the techniques used in these aircraft, which will ensure the safety of citizens and the safety of installations. In addition, Amazon will build small airports for these aircraft away from US airports to ensure that Serious problems occur in the airlines.

 Now Amazon has begun testing its aircraft in the UK and wants to hire two pilots to remotely control the aircraft and make up a new team in Cambridge, which could be the first city where Amazon will offer this service, which shows us that this project will come true in about a year or two. To note that these aircraft will only be able to carry light things not weighing more than several kilograms because of the small size and therefore their engines will not be able to carry heavy things, but it will certainly positively affect the delivery of packages locally and globally.

 Amazon is proving to be the leader in e-marketing and parcel delivery after its unique performance globally, but will Amazon be the only company that will use the aircraft to deliver the packages, without a competitor? Absolutely not, Google exists, the usual rival that it is impossible to leave such a project without inventing a similar project is matched by force. Indeed, Google is also testing its aircraft in Australia, which can be operated in conjunction with the Amazon aircraft, and we will certainly see a conflict between these two companies in terms of speed of delivery or available areas or ... etc.

 Unfortunately, I do not think that this service will be available in our Arab countries. If it is available, it will need a long period of time, and it will be limited to some countries. We will only follow the news and developments of this project in foreign countries.
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