Best Android apps for the week [5]

نوفمبر 14, 2018
Welcome to Android and Android fans in the fifth issue of the weekly series "Best Android Apps of the Week", where we highlight the best applications we suggest to you followers of the professional blog every Friday of each week.

This application uses the sound buttons in your phone to perform several different functions other than lifting and lowering the sound. Among the things you can do with the application are: taking a picture or video, activating a flashlight, Call, run any of your apps, and many other things that I invite you to discover and try on your own.

Mobile devices are always vulnerable to theft and theft, so this app will act as your controller and spy on your smartphone, it protects your phone from theft and can issue a beep when someone tries to take your phone, not only that, but can take pictures of this thief or spam And send the files and location of the phone to your e-mail immediately.

We are seeing a host of new floating bubble applications such as "facebook messenger" to help you with your tasks. Copy Bubble is an application designed in the same way that allows you to access the items you have recently copied. So you can reuse them, or delete the copied content in a simple and fast way.

This application allows you to automate tasks, which means that your smartphone can do some of what you do automatically without your intervention. Activate Wi-Fi if you are indoors, increase screen brightness when you activate a photo gallery, or mute the device at certain intervals. The only drawbacks of this application is that it only supports Android 4.0 or higher and is not free (but you can find it online for free).

Using this application you can control the music using your hand only without touching the phone. The application takes advantage of the front camera to direct a series of commands to your phone via your hand movements, where you can pause or resume playing music, move to the next song or so on. Beautiful in the application it supports a lot of music broadcasting services.

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