Official: Barcelona sack coach!

أكتوبر 07, 2019
Official: Barcelona sack coach!

Official: Barcelona sack coach!

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Barcelona coach Victor Valdes has been ravaged for many months when taking up.

The dismissal of the previous goalkeeper of the Catalan team was thanks to the wide divergence of views between him and also the management of the club headed by José Maria Bartomio.

There were many clashes between the statements between Valdes and also the management of the club, however what concluded everything was the heated discussion between the previous goalkeeper and soccer director Patrick Kluivert last Friday, wherever they were getting ready to clash with the hands.

The city club issued a politician statement - Monday - declared the sacking of Victor Valdes, UN agency had his initial expertise as an instructor with the youth team.

"Barcelona educated Victor Valdes that he's not coach of UNIFIL A, and Frank Artiga, currently UNIFIL B coach and not Massia, has become coach of UNIFIL A," the statement aforementioned.

Valdes didn't travel together with his team on weekday to Tarragona to face Nastic, that won the youth team 2-1, to learn of the choice to dismiss him.

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