Messi is getting ready to break Pele's historic record

أكتوبر 07, 2019
Messi is getting ready to break Pele's historic record

Messi is getting ready to break Pele's historic record

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Lionel Messi, the captain and star of the metropolis team, scored his initial goal of the season, once he scored against urban center within the eighth spherical of the league championship, that came about between them at Camp Nou, a goal scored by a place kick by bright in his usual approach.

Spanish newspaper AS has devoted a special report back to celebrate Messi's initial goals of the season, revealing that Messi is on a quick pace on his thanks to break one in every of the foremost necessary historical records within the world of soccer, that is carried by - to this point - the legend of Brazilian and international soccer, Pele, the goalscorer Pele has 643 goals, scored with city, throughout his 18-year defense of his shirt for 1956- 1974.

Messi is barely thirty-nine goals faraway from Pele, with 604 goals in Barça jerseys in numerous tournaments, and Messi's usual grading goals throughout his last seasons. .

Pele and Messi area unit behind Germany's high scorer Gerald Mueller, World Health Organization has scored 565 goals throughout his golden career with Bayern Muenchen throughout his 15-year spell with the Bavarian giants from 1964 to 1979.

Liu has scored his 604 goals in fifteen years since he was with the primary team in 2004, and has created 691 appearances. King's Cup, thirteen goals within the Spanish Super, five goals within the Club tourney, three goals within the European Super Cup.

Yesterday's goal against the Andalusians gave them a very important record, as they became the primary player in La Liga history to attain goals in sixteen consecutive seasons within the twenty first century.

The 32-year-old has suffered AN injury that has unbroken him out of most of the Catalans' games since the beginning of the season, however has came to supply a powerful physical and technical come back against urban center, his favorite victim.

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