It was like a car accident," he said

أكتوبر 09, 2019
It was like a car accident," he said

It was like a car accident," he said

Paris Saint-Germain coach Thomas Tokel admitted that last season's Champions League defeat to Manchester United created him feel "helpless", noting that it had been sort of a automotive accident.

Paris St Germain were knocked out of the Champions League last season when failing to keep up a two-goal lead within the 1st leg at previous Trafford to defeat 3-1 at the Princes' Court and deposit the tournament early.

During an announcement to the network BN Sports quoted by nation Daily Mail aforementioned Tokel: "It was sort of a automotive accident, we tend to puzzled what we tend to did wrong, did we tend to neglect one thing, actually neglected one thing."

"During the games, individuals at my daughter's faculty and every one over town thought things were smart. everybody thought we tend to were aiming to qualify for the quarter-finals and even additional."

He continued: "We were utterly helpless, we tend to were just like the sand flowing from your hands while not having the ability to manage."

Tokel admitted that he and also the players took responsibility and continued: "In the times that followed, we tend to were defeated, I spent 3 days in darkness."

Paris Saint-Germain first-rate the table for blood group within the Champions League, which has Real national capital, Club Brugge and Galatasaray.

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