Microsoft Reveals Movie Creator Application on Mobile Devices

نوفمبر 14, 2018
مايكروسوفت تكشف عن تطبيق Movie Creator على الأجهزة المحمولة

Microsoft today officially unveiled its new Movie Creator, a mobile video product for both smartphones and tablets, and will give users a new experience.

The new application "Movie Creator" is designed to produce and synthesize videos on smartphones and tablet PCs running Windows systems, the application can easily modify and share content.

In the Movie Creator application, Mikersoft has focused on ease of use where it is only necessary to bring video files or images created by the user on Windows Phone or Windows Tablet PCs, as well as certain texts or music as well as known production processes.

After the modifications, the user will publish and share the video with friends. The new Movie Creator application will be able to work on 25 videos at the same time. The new application will be available free of charge and in a trial version, but will be dedicated only to Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8.1, Tablet PCs with the same system.

The Professional Blog suggests that you try the new application via the following link: Movie Creator

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