Facebook is preparing to release the version & quot; Professional & quot; From its location

نوفمبر 17, 2018
فايسبوك تستعد لإطلاق نسخة " مهنية " من موقعها !

Facebook seems to want to spread

 To the fullest extent, at a time when it was considered a means

For the sake of communication and entertainment only, the site officials are greedy

In becoming a professional means as well, where sources refer to

 The site worked on a "professional" version under the name Facebook at Work.

There is no doubt that access to your account on the social networking site

 While you are at work you may be exposed to many problems and reprimands

By your bosses at work, but Facebook wants to overcome this problem

 Launching a "professional" version of its social networking site, Facebook at Work.

According to the Financial Times

Facebook wants to make its new version

 Facebook at Work is similar to LinkedIn sites

 Or Viadeo, and according to the newspaper, this version will be

Similar to the regular version and will come with a main news page and email

 It can also integrate popular services such as Office Online

From Microsoft and Google Drive from Google.

Although Facebook refused to comment on the order, some

Sources have indicated that they have already started testing on this version

 Within some companies in the horizon of its official launch in the near future.

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