A new update from Watts August in order to hide the read time of the message

نوفمبر 14, 2018
تحديث جديد من واتس آب من أجل إخفاء وقت قراءة الرسالة

The new update from WattsUp, which lets users know whether or not the message was read by the addressee as well as the time to read it accurately, has not been popular for many users, prompting Watts to launch a new update. .

Facebook's Watts AG had earlier released a two-tag update in blue, meaning that the message had already been read by the addressee, as well as showing the timing of the message reading. However, this update was not satisfied with a large number of users, prompting The application to launch a new update allows to remove this property.

The new update is only available to Android users and is available on the official website of the application and allows to disable the tag feature in blue via privacy settings

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