Facebook tracking the impact of users outside its site provide targeted advertising

نوفمبر 14, 2018
فايسبوك تتبع أثر المستخدمين خارج موقعها لتقديم إعلانات موجهة

Facebook seems to be betting that its site is not only a social networking site but also a huge advertising platform with targeted ads that rely on tracking users outside of Facebook to capture a general picture of their interests and provide them with appropriate ads.

Ads are considered one of the most important revenue sites in general and social networking sites, especially, especially Facebook on the world, and it is clear that Facebook wants to make the most of this feature by directing ads according to user interests

Facebook was announced in June and in the United States of America only on this new feature, which depends on tracking the user off-site to know the operations of the purchase of the Internet or the quality of sites that visit and interests in general in order to direct appropriate ads to him, But Facebook is trying to generalize this new policy, especially in European countries, which is what it actually intends to do from the coming period.

Facebook has been accused of violating user privacy because of this new policy, but site officials have pointed out that it is a mechanism to direct ads better to users according to their needs and does not involve any spying or intrusion of the fact that the information remains confidential and not seen.

Facebook also announced the launch of a special page under the name of "Privacy Basics", available in 36 different languages, in the form of a guide to identify users how to control their personal information on its social networking site.

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