6 useful things you should know and try on YouTube

نوفمبر 17, 2018
YouTube is a real and important source of information

  Useful, entertaining and entertaining.

  There you can find all kinds of video you are looking for. Every day you get lost

This platform has thousands of videos of all languages

And from all fields. So I present to you in this article some

  Useful tools and uses in this site to be familiar with them.
6 أشياء مفيدة يجب أن تعرفها وتجربها في يوتيوب

تعطيل الملاحظات والإعلانات

Sometimes when you play a video on YouTube

 You'll see many small pop-up ads in it that invite you

Through which the video owner to visit his site, or visit the clip

Another video has ... etc. In fact this is very annoying to

So that you are unable to watch the video. Some users

 Unfortunately they exploit this feature very badly. But fortunately YouTube

 Allows you to disable this feature in all videos posted on this platform.

To disable this feature click on the image in the upper right corner of YouTube and then on the menu click on youtube settings. On the settings page, select the "Playback" section and uncheck "Show annotations, channel promotions and interactive cards on videos. "You can also directly access these settings through this link.

Cache all video

The default video player in YouTube stores about thirty seconds of video, and then stops the download, especially when the slow connection, and this may lead to your inability to view the entire video without interruption. You can now use this extension

Download the plugin for Google Chrome

Download the plugin for Firefox

Slow display

On YouTube you can find lessons on almost any subject you're looking for from nuclear physics to math and other sciences. And many of these clips you can m

I saw it slow, so do not miss the details. There is also the reverse option, when you need to view the video at an accelerated rate. All this you can try by clicking the settings icon in the video clip and choosing the display speed.

Automatically disable video playback
By default, when you open any video link on YouTube it immediately starts playing. However, it's not always convenient, especially if you open multiple pages on your browser and want to watch your video later. So to disable this feature, you will need to install a special add-on for your browser.

Download the plugin for Google Chrome

Download the plugin for Firefox

Download the translation

Some videos on YouTube are really very useful and carry important information, especially if it comes to a scientific video. But as we know most of this type of clips are published in English and sometimes accompanied by the translation in the same language or in another language. You can now use this service to download this translation and use it to re-translate it into your language. You can also use google2srt for the same purpose.

Automatic return

There are a lot of times when you want to repeat unlimited video on YouTube as we know this feature is not provided by YouTube officially, and many of us have to use some plugins to do so. But if you do not like installing a lot of plugins on your browser, you can use listenonrepeat.com to do this. You can also make the word "youtube" on the video link with "listenonrepeat" to be taken directly to the site.


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