& quot; Fever & quot; 4G is sweeping telecoms companies and Eno is starting its tests

نوفمبر 13, 2018
" حمى " 4G تجتاح شركات الاتصالات و إنوي تبدأ اختباراتها

It seems that the struggle between the operators in the field of obtaining a license to operate the fourth generation 4G network is the strongest. After the start of Morocco's contacts in the technical tests for 4G and the announcement of the ANRT for the opening of a request for a license to operate the fourth generation network Inui began to do its tests On this technique.

The National Agency for the Regulation of Transport (ANRT), the regulator of the sector in Morocco, has decided to open applications for licenses to operate the 4G network and to market high-speed mobile Internet services in the Kingdom of Morocco on Monday 17 November. The three companies active in this sector (Etisalat Morocco, Meditel and Enoui) have the license.

As Morocco Telecom recently began testing the 4G network in some areas of the capital, Rabat, with its expansion in the rest of the region, Inui Telecom began its technical experiments on 11 November.

According to the agency, the general manager of the company Frédéric Debord confirmed that the company is interested in the request for tenders announced by the agency (ANRT) and explained the Director General that obtaining a license to exploit the 4G network depends on several criteria, including the price and the effectiveness of sharing Infrastructure, and also indicated that the company will develop quality of service supported by a network of fiber optics.

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