Hackers News for the Week [48]

نوفمبر 14, 2018
amine raghibأمين رغيب

This bulletin opens with the news of another serious loophole this week in EOS, from 7.1.1 to 8.1.1 Beta. The loophole in making users carry a phishing application from the Internet converts all the legitimate applications that a user uses on his iPhone, such as Facebook Gmail ... into malware! .

 Masque Attack This week's details were published on FireEye's blog, which includes an explanatory video that can be accessed from the links attached to this bulletin in the description and protection. The users of iPhone 7.1.1 and 8.1.1 Beta will stop downloading applications from text messages As well as e-mail, as well as the emergence of applications only from known stores.

 This is the fourth loophole that has been published for four weeks. This raises the question of whether we are still in front of a secure operating system, as we have always imagined, or that the IOS will follow the path of the android.

 The Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a campaign against illegal sites called Operation Onymous. The campaign, which targeted several sites that sell illegal weapons, drugs and the hiring of murderers to commit criminal acts, resulted in the arrest of 400 sites and the arrest of 17 people, the seizure of $ 1 million from Petequin and 180,000 euros in cash as well as quantities of drugs and gold, Silver .

 The campaign also led to the arrest of founder of the largest dark online drug sale site Silk Road 2.0. Blake Benthall, founder of Blake Benthall, 26, was earning $ 8 million in sales every month, attracting more than 150,000 sellers and consumers.

 The sites that have been blocked are all accessed through the Internet portal. Which is a shock to some, especially since everyone knows that the dark Internet Darknet is very difficult to connect you to the identity of the individuals who use it as the identity is largely unknown! For the federal police to prove again that no one is far from their eyes.

 A new report by Cyveillance shows that hackers are more dependent on hacking government websites to publish counterfeit pages, as these trusted sites make hackers grab the largest number of accounts. The absence of monitoring of this site makes the fake pages not deleted until long after they are lifted. The report also revealed that the most affected countries are Brazil and China. Where the use of its hosting in a large way in the cultivation of counterfeit pages and stealing accounts.

 The International Hackers Group (Anonymus) announced its readiness to launch a massive electronic attack against Zionist sites on Friday (November 14th), a victory for the Palestinian people against the recent attacks on them. The attack will also target mainly Zionist electronic interests.

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