Useful sites, programs and tools [26]

نوفمبر 14, 2018
This is in addition to some of the backgrounds and additions that I invite you to know in the next few lines.
مواقع ، برامج وأدوات مفيدة [26]

There is no doubt that there are many sites to learn the different programming languages and everything that goes on in their orbit, and the few of these sites that provide you with practical lessons or sources can be modified and learning through, but with the site tutorialpoint can now find different sources, including lessons applied In everything related to programming.
If you want to print and hang a photo in your office or in one of your home rooms, this site will show you how this picture will look on the wall of your room before you print it.
There are a lot of foreign torrent sites that we all know, but in the Arab world they are very few to none, but Arabictorrent is an Arabic torrent site that allows you to download the latest movies with Arabic translation and with very high quality.
This is a very nice and useful site for designers. You can choose the font you want to use in your design and the site will suggest additional lines that match your chosen line. In short, your design makes it more consistent in terms of fonts used in it.
Another useful Arabic site for anyone who wants to know the distance between cities and even countries, also provides you with information about the city and country, in addition to the distance in kilometers and the estimated travel time.
A very strange site where you can find out the name of the owner of a phone number or an inverter. After entering the site you enter the caller number and the site will display the number and the name of the owner and the state. The site seems to be still new on the web and I suspect it uses the contact information we use in other sites.
As Black Friday approaches, "Today we notice many discounts on most commodities that can reach 90% sometimes. This is an irreplaceable opportunity. I did not want to buy anything, so I suggest you this beautiful addition that you are looking for. You will automatically receive discount coupons when you buy from electronic stores, can be used on this day to grab some offers :)
This is a very useful and useful addition to the Firefox browser to display the short links you encounter while browsing Facebook or any other site - in its original state without fear of opening an unwanted site. The extension displays the complete link which helps to know the nature of the site you want to access.
After the long use of the computer you will notice that the hard disk space is no longer the same, and all because of the loads and data generated many directly or indirectly in the computer, but some files are duplicate so to bypass this command suggest this program that scans your computer Search for and delete duplicate files.
Despite the strength and stability of Linux, this does not mean that it does not suffer from problems or problems that may be from the system itself, not just from the user. So this program or rather the system I suggest in this number is one of the most powerful programs or systems specialized in repairing problems and failures Linux system that you can encounter. The program also comes with a set of tools and a lot of important additions.
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