Microsoft fixes a security flaw in Windows systems 19 years ago

نوفمبر 13, 2018
مايكروسوفت تصلح ثغرة أمنية موجودة في أنظمة ويندوز منذ 19 سنة
This week, exactly on November 11, Microsoft intةroduced Patch Tuesday to fix some of the security vulnerabilities in the company's products, including a serious security vulnerability that is a software flaw in Windows systems that has existed for 19 years.


On Tuesday, November, Microsoftة released the Patch Tuesday, which included a number of vulnerabilities, including 16 security updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office. 5 Serious charges for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 plus RT.


According to experts, one of the gaps that have been fixed is a very serious flaw. This is a bug in Windows systems that have not been discovered for 19 years, since Windows 95 and so far. The hacker was able to control the user's computer remotely. After visiting a site that publishes malicious software.


A team of IBM experts discovered this vulnerability and wةarned Microsoft of similar loopholes that may exist and are not detected in Windows systems.

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